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Team Academy Worldwide

Jyvaskyla (Finland)
Tampere (Finland)
Irun, Onati, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona (Spain)
Debrecen (Hungary)
Budapest (Hungary)
Harlam (Netherlands)
Bilbao (Spain)
Strasbourg (France)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Buenes Aires (Argentina)
Melbourne (Australia)

Jyväskylä University of Applied Science has become the flagship for a movement which is spreading around the world.

The expansion of Team Academy is being driven by a growing band of academics and business people who believe that entrepreneurs are made not born, and that learning from experience is the best way to teach business skills.

There are undergraduate Team Academies and post-graduate spin-offs in Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Hungary as well as the UK, and adult education programmes in 10 countries with more than 10,000 people using Team Academy methods worldwide.

In Latin America, India and China team coaches are being trained with a number of initiatives under way to launch degrees, high school courses and team learning programmes.