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Team Academy in the UK

In September 2013 two pioneering business schools in Bristol and Newcastle upon Tyne launched degree programmes underpinned by Team Academy methods, the third Falmouth opened in 2014 and they were joined by Lincoln Bishop Grosseteste in 2015 and the University of Westminster in 2016.

Forming and trading their own companies is the core activity for the students enrolled on these innovative degrees, and there is already evidence that team learning methods are increasing levels of attainment and engagement.

“We were very pleased with the standard of the first assessments”, explained University of West of England’s programme leader Dr Carol Jarvis. “We can see that peer feedback and the influence of group targets is producing fewer lower second and third class assignments than we would expect from first year students.”

In 2014 one more university, Falmouth opened  an entrepreneurial business management programme.  In October 2015 Lincoln Bishop Grosseteste University opened its doors and in October 2016 the University of Westminster started its programme taking the total of first year places available for prospective students to over 180.  In 2016 Northumbria and UWE opened their doors to Masters students.  Aston University Business School will offer BSc and MSc programmes from September 2019. In total around 300 undergraduates and 20 Masters level are working and learning though the Team Academy approach in the UK.

Younger ages are not excluded.  A pilot programme for 11 – 13/14 year olds has been established by the Aldridge Foundation at the Brighton Aldridge Community Academy in Sussex and at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy older age children are participating.

Bristol Business School – BA (Hons) Business (Team Entrepreneurship)

Bristol Business School – MSc Innovation and Applied Entrepreneurship

Newcastle Business School – BA (Hons) Entrepreneurial Business Management

Falmouth University – BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship

Lincoln Bishop Grosseteste University – BA (Hons) Business (Entrepreneurship)

Aston University Business School – BSc Enterprise Development

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy  – Team Academy programme

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy – Team Academy programme

University of Westminster – BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship