UK is going international

Global Entrepreneurship Week

When you work with new projects you of course want that everything goes well, but at the same time you are a bit nervous because you cannot know what will happen in the end! But Tiimiakatemia has teached me that you just have to trust the process and what happens has meant to happen, if it goes well, great, try to reflect what were the key elements to understand why it worked and if it didn’t go that well, learn from it and do it better next time!

And now after one week I can say we couldn’t be more satisfied for the outcome, in two days 19.-20.11.2013 five countries, eight different units and over HUNDRED TEAMPRENEURS participated to the TA’s Global Innovation Challenge, can you imagine!

Of course there was many things we could have done better and it was real learning experience for us too and that why I cannot wait to start planning how can we make it even bigger and better on next year! But I think this showed how much there is power in the network and we can still work together even we are located around the world, we just have to find right tools to do that!

So the challenge was to introduce yourselves and to tell what is your teams offering for the global community of teampreneurs and in the end to make video of the outcome! So here you can see all the amazing videos from those days!

Newcastle, UK team 1

Newcastle, UK team 2

Debrecen, Hungary

Bristol, UK

Jyväskylä, Finland / Basque Country

Madrid, Spain / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Bilbao, Basque Country team 1

Madrid, Spain / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Bilbao, Basque Country team 2


TALN meeting and Tiimiakatemia Debrecen 3th Anniversary party

Just two and half months ago first teams started in United Kingdom and already now they are taking first steps to the international field! We had 10 people representing TA UK at Hungary, me and Team Coach Michael Fowle from Newcastle, Alison Fletcher from London and Assistant Team Coach Juan Felipe Fonseca Saavedra and six teampreneurs from Bristol. It’s great to see that UK is finding its way to the network so fast!

In Tiimiakatemia Learning Network (aka TALN) meeting we had great variety of people from Spain, France, Finland, Basque Country, Australia, UK and from Hungary of course! It is always so good to hear what’s happening in each Tiimiakatemia and also to work few days together around subjects which are most important for the network at the moment! And it is also important to celebrate together and I just have to thank you Tiimiakatemia Debrecen for organizing so great anniversary party and also congratulations, three years behind that’s something to be proud of!



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