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Team Coaches Grow Too

Peter Pertulla writes from Falmouth.  “I have now been living for two months in the UK and I have started to notice how working as an assistant coach has helped me develop my own coaching skills. At my second Team Mastery session last year I realized that I have a habit of supporting team members that are “running infront of the cart” meaning that they are doing well with projects. This lead to the fact that I was not very good at supporting team members that needed support the most and struggled with finding and doing projects. I was lucky to realize this weakness I had as a future coach and I have made huge development in it! Now I prioritize my time on starting projects and assisting students with their weaknesses. Many team entrepreneurs (in Finland and the UK) fear / hate / struggle with sales and I believe that selling is one of the most important skills to learn if you aim to become an entrepreneur. I am now assisting individual team entrepreneurs and project groups with selling. I often do this by discussing about the reasons why selling is considered such a big obstacle and then we create a deadline and sales plan with goals. This puts pressure on project groups and I hold them accountable so that the deadlines are met. The only way to overcome the FEAR of selling is to do it. In a way I was lucky that older students in Proakatemia offered sales projects to me and through them I realized that selling is one of the things I love the most.

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Its time to start reminding team entrepreneurs about summer and the beginning of the tourist season here in Falmouth! It offers huge possibilities and I will do my best to encourage team entrepreneurs in creating a summer job with a project instead of searching for a summer job.

When I came to the Falmouth I was not very comfortable in speaking in front of a larger group of people in English but now I have realized that its actually fun. I believe that presenting things in English helps me grow more confident and at some point I hope that I will be a fluent presenter in Finnish or English presenting to any amount of people. Overall working here in Falmouth has been more difficult than I imagined but at the same time I love the challenges since they push me and help me grow as an entrepreneur and coach. I am trying to keep my Fridays empty so that students can book one to one times with me and now that I have spent two months here the team entrepreneurs have been starting to use this possibility more and more. Last Friday I worked with a first year in a plan of creating a website that connects projects offered by companies with students of Falmouth University. I also worked with a third year on a website that sells immaterial rights for theater shows. I believe that these one-to-one sessions are a good way of boosting projects and making them happen and when there is business happening learning happens almost by accident!

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