‘Team Academy’ inspired MSc programmes now offered at Newcastle and Bristol Business Schools.

The ‘Learning by Doing’ Team Academy Undergraduate programmes at 5 UK universities are now joined by Masters programmes at Northumbria University and the University of West of England. Nearly 20 postgraduate entrepreneurs enrolled in October 2016.


Nina Jussila, one of the leaders of the Northumbria programme says:

“People who are entrepreneurial are not often interested in sitting through lectures because they want to get on with work,” she said. “Also, people who have always sat through lectures are sometimes scared of starting their own companies because they don’t have the practical knowledge. Because there is nothing like this in the market at the moment, we need an opportunity to learn by doing, in a safe but real environment and that’s why we introduced this course.

“Often we forget what we have studied for exams and there is no real life implication, that’s why I believe applied learning is so much more powerful, as people won’t be learning anything they don’t need to know. So we will be reflecting all the time what knowledge the students will need to be able to run their business better and then support them on finding that knowledge.”

“Being part of a team is important and dispels the unhelpful myth of the ‘lone wolf’ entrepreneur,” added Nina. “When any new entrepreneur starts their journey, it can be really beneficial to be able to share the learning and mistakes with others, so they can learn from each other’s experiences and hopefully support each other. They also say that effective teams can learn three to five times faster than individuals and that’s something we are aiming for.

MSc applications are open for 2017 entry at the Bristol Business School and the Newcastle Business School.

Course details MSc Innovation and Applied Entrepreneurship – Bristol Business School

Course details MSc Entrepreneurship – Newcastle Business School

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