Article in Management Learning – Tosey and Dhaliwal

The Finnish Team Academy Model: Implications for Management Education – an article published in the journal Management Learning in October 2013 which looks at the issues around implementing this method outside Finland.

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Introduction to Team Academy – Fletcher

A paper outlining the key concepts and underpinning pedagogy of this revolutionary way of developing young entrepreneurs.

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What is Team Academy?

A powerpoint presentation summarising the models and principles of Team Academy.

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Core Reading

Reading and applying the ideas is an essential part of learning.  Every student in a Team Academy programme earns book points – not by reading a text in isolation – but by reading and then applying the ideas to a business issue they are facing at that moment .  Then, and only then, writing a short critical ‘essay’ on how the ideas of the expert have helped (or hindered!) the discovery of a solution.   This list of 82 books is a sample of the core reading list of the programme that contains over 1000 titles.

Download pdf  82 Books recommended by Johannes Partanen

Team Academy Leading thoughts
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