Personal learning during year 1 at Falmouth University

No lectures, no classrooms, ‘just putting your hands in the dirt’ and making things happen is the promise for undergraduates joining Team academy programmes in the UK.  But there is no escape from written assignments and reading.  Observing assignments handed in recently at the end of year one for the first cohort of entrepreneurs at Falmouth I was particularly drawn to by the work of Tom Ulander and Freddie Raishbrook.

Both had taken their work with the whole team company to reflect on how and when communication was aiding the work of the company and themselves.  Both showed excellent understanding of the theories of Bohm, Isaacs and de Bono, and how these had helped them in practice.  Both were now finding ways to spread their insights amongst their colleagues.

3 books on dialogue

Freddie commented “Individually I have become more conscious when offering my ideas by presenting the facts first then a solution.  This stops me from offering a conclusion or idea and then backing it up with only information that supports my theory and not showing the negatives – we arrive at better decisions in the group.”

Tom said of his insights “I’ve realised that to change the way we communicate in the team, I need to change some of the ways that I operate”

Truly learning by doing.


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