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One month in the UK- Peter Perttula

Time really flies! I have been working as an assistant coach for Business Entrepreneurship course at Falmouth University for a whole month now. As I mentioned in my previous post there are huge differences on how the teams here work compared to the way we work in Finland. It has been enlightening to see how team coaches in the UK work and to learn from them. One major difference I have noticed is the fact that we have to be very careful about the reputation of the university. In Finland I was never told to reconsider a project idea because “it might be harmful” for the reputation of my school.

I have mostly been attending training sessions for the first and second year teams trying to observe on the strengths and weaknesses of each team. In sessions it has been wonderful to be able to assist the teams on tasks and I have gotten to learn about all the projects going on at the moment. I have been offering my help and booked one on one sparring sessions with individual project groups with the aim of helping in their business idea. These are a few of the projects that I have been helping in by sparring and connecting the team entrepreneurs with the right people and right sources of information:

  • Assisting a second year in establishing a smoothie bar
  • Creating a plan for a self-improvement coaching website
  • Making a sales plan for a wine branding business
  • I connected students with my friend (he owns a clothing brand) to students willing to find resellers for him for a commission
  • Helping a project group in establishing an event around electronic sports
  • Helping in a plan for selling social media marketing

My favorite thing so far has still been coaching about pitching and cold calling / visiting. I took two second years to Truro on a Friday and we went from door to door visiting companies and selling the skills of team-entrepreneurs to businesses. It was rewarding to see them gain A LOT of confidence and by a couple of hours of visiting the team-entrepreneurs have now been able to send proposals to different kinds of local businesses.

Taylor, me (Peter) and William, after our cold call visits in Truro

Taylor, me (Peter) and William, after our cold call visits in Truro


I firmly believe that almost all of the local businesses would love to get team-entrepreneurs to work on projects for them but they don’t know about the team learning model. By coaching second years into going out there and selling their skills we are on the path of spreading knowledge on this unique way of working with team-entrepreneurs. While I was studying in Proakatemia in Tampere (Finland) we got a few project proposals weekly from companies all around Finland so it was easy for everyone to get their hand onto doing immediately. I believe that it is a good thing to be able to work on “given” projects and learning plus earning from them. It is good to have one own project that is a passion and one given project to keep busy on.

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