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Multiple Perspectives

As there is only about a month of term left our teampreneurs have realized that the deadlines for their assignments are approaching. There has been a lot of discussion on the way assignments are marked. The concern is about whether who marks the grade has an impact on the grade based on his / her view of seeing the assignment criteria. Some tps believed that the way to get a good grade is to write in a way that pleases the coach grading them but obviously this should not be the case, you should be able to get the same grade from any coach for the same content. Dialogue has helped us with this and the biggest causer for uncertainty has been different choices of words among the coaches even though they have all meant the same thing. This is another example of the importance of communication between coaches.

Our first and second years had their 24-hour team challenges (birthgivings) and it was interesting to see the differences between the years. The first years had official and “serious” presentations whilst the third years made one of their presentations into a game of “Deal or no deal.” I personally think that the time for very official and serious presentations is coming to an end and the new way of presenting is fun, inclusive and often a story. One big difference between our 24-hour challenges in Proakatemia and the ones here is the fact that we get paid depending on the satisfaction of the customer. I think that when you are getting paid as a team it works as a huge motivator and it leads to a better outcome. Here the grading has more to do with how the team worked together during the challenge while in Proakatemia our grade is the satisfaction of our customer so it’s a different approach. It is obviously hard work to find customers that are willing to pay for a 24-hour challenge and in Proakatemia a project team of teampreneurs finds the customers and arranges our challenges. The project team gets a commission from the results of our challenges and that is a motivator that works.

24 hour challenge

I was invited to a business breakfast at a close by town and took a few second year with me. Its such an important skill to be able to go out there and talk to businesses. We got a few good leads that will probably result in business and I personally was again surprised by how open the people here are compared to Finland. I spoked to the representatives of many businesses and asked them about their ways of selling. Its fascinating that networking events such as a simple business breakfast helps getting new recommendations and deals. This is something I have learnt from and I will definitely start holding some kind of regular networking event when I get back to Finland.

Fresh-air after an early business breakfast

Fresh-air after an early business breakfast


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