Join us: Learning Journey, Tampere, 15 – 18 November 2016

“If you really want to see the future of management education, you should see Team Academy.”   That’s the view of business and leadership guru Peter Senge, and it’s a view shared by universities in Bristol, Newcastle, Falmouth, Lincoln and Westminster which are leading the way in running degree programmes inspired by this revolutionary method of learning.

Team Academy was born in central Finland and between them two universities of applied science, JAMK in Jyväskylä and TAMK in Tampere have almost 40 years’ of combined experience of learning by doing entrepreneurship degrees.   Akatemia has run a number of learning journeys to Jyväskylä, but for the second time Tampere will be the focus of our attention as we travel to Finland in November to learn how this particular model can be adapted successfully for the UK education system.

Our programme will include opportunities to meet team entrepreneurs, team coaches and alumni, and will enable us to gain personal experience of these learning methods and see for ourselves the impact it has made on the local business community.  The visit will be led by Robert Goodsell and Alison Fletcher, who are supporting the work of UK universities and secondary academies in adopting Team Academy methods.

The fee for three nights is £845*  (plus UK VAT) to include accommodation, local transport, evening meals and facilitation but excluding international travel to and from Tampere.  If you are interested, please contact Akatemia directors Alison Fletcher or Robert Goodsell for an exploratory conversation.

* (it may be necessary to add a small surcharge at the time of the booking, this will be dependent on the prevailing £/Euro exchange rate)

e-mail Alison Fletcher or Robert Goodsell

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