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First two weeks in the UK – Peter Perttula

My name is Peter Perttula and I graduated from Proakatemia, Finland in the December of 2016. I am currently in the Finnish Team-Mastery program and I moved to Falmouth two weeks ago. I am working as an assistant coach for students in the Business Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) program. Falmouth University has used the team-learning model for three years and currently there are 66 students studying in the course. My job is to work with all three year courses (6 companies) and assist the teams by sparring their ideas and helping by sharing experiences from my time studying at Proakatemia. My strengths are in sales and leading and I must work on not giving too direct answers for students. It is also sometimes hard to not get involved in every project going on since I love innovating new ways of making profit.

The first two weeks have been amazing! I have had the chance to meet lovely coaches and students with huge potential in them. The greatest difference that I have noticed comes from the fact that students pay for their studies unlike in Finland. In Finland all student companies are required to pay rent and for example for a caretaking service that provides coffee for us. This means that in Finland there is pressure to earn money as a team and it works as a common motivator. In Falmouth its harder to find a common goal for each team since the students have less economical pressure from the outside even though students are paying for their education. I have also noticed that there is a lot more bureaucracy involved in the doings of student companies since the limited companies are working under the surveillance of the university. The students in Falmouth do have a “safety network” because of this but then on the other hand filling out for example a risk analysis that has to be approved does create more barriers and reason for not trying a project. We all search for excuses and lets face it, having to have projects ideas “approved” is an easy excuse to not try a certain project.

Falmouth as a place has been a positive surprise. I didn’t know that palm trees could grow on this side of the channel and that you can surf here. I was also very lucky to get accommodation from the house of a family working in a boarding school. I usually have the whole house for myself and its located very close to a bus stop to the university and to a gym.palm trees

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