Final Year Team-Entrepreneurs reflect on their journey

Jamie Rawsthorne and George Sanderson from the University of West of England write:

“The inspiration behind this post is to show people how much of an impact Team Academy can have. Team Academy is not just a standard university course, it will change your Perspective, Skill Base, Philosophy and ultimately Team Academy will change your life. We met in the first year of Team Academy at the University of the West of England and now run a business together.

To start off I think the most important question is why did we join Team Academy? Why not a standard Business Management Degree? Why not straight into employment? Why not start up on our own?

To start one of the main attractors of the Team Academy route was to start up in a no risk / non-judgmental environment. Starting your own business can be a daunting task and you will receive critical feedback from everyone around you, they will things like “Why don’t you just get a job?” and “What makes you think you can do it?” Team Academy provides a risk free platform for your entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in a non-judgmental environment. You are put with other like minded individuals and have the safety net of still being a student, which means Student Finance, cheap(ish) accommodation and a whole plethora of benefits being a student brings.

The second main reason behind joining Team Academy was the ethos and philosophy behind the Team Academy  approach:

Act > Learn > Apply > Reflect > Try Again

Team Academy will teach you how to learn and how to apply that learning to real life situations, which you will face in your business.

The ethos of Team Academy will literally take you around the world if you let it, from meeting other Teampreneurs in Budapest to having a drink with the founder Johannes Partanen in Paris, TA is global. Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 13.55.46

So what do we do exactly and how did it all come about? Previously we ran a student market research which allowed outside to market to students, this came about after noticing just how poor corporate firms where at extracting valuable insights from students. However even though we dealt with some great clients, it was not as profitable as we had hoped. At this stage Jamie noticed the one person around us that has the most leverage, that was Vice Chancellor of the university, Steve West.

We met up with Steve and asked him what his biggest problem was, to which he replied student retention. The university was losing millions in revenue each year and unquantifiable amounts of talent through student drop-outs, something had to be done. We went away carried out research and came up with a plan to help ease this pain point, which not only our university had but the rest of the country and world where suffering with. Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 13.49.40

Where are we now? At the minute we have secured our first client and our looking at scaling out to the rest of the country. We are based at MassChallenge, a world renowned incubation space. Jamie is in the finals for IOD student member of the year, a prestigious award with well statured previous winners. George has recently been on Sky News discussing young tech entrepreneurs with the head of Tech City, Gerard Grech.

The vision from here on out is to: Support as many vulnerable students as possible and inspire other young entrepreneurs to start their own business.”

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