Akatemia Trust

Supporting Research and Community Development

The learning by doing approach to obtaining academic qualifications continues to spread in the UK and despite the concept having been in place for more than twenty years outside the UK there is a paucity of research comparing the efficacy Team Academy business education with a more standard taught model.

Anecdotally we observe that the outcome of Team Academy programmes is graduates who are:

Collaborative: Graduates who are able to work both independently and creatively and collaboratively with others, understanding and resolving uncertainties.

Generative: Even though not the primary aim of the programme many graduates start during the programme the business they will continue to own and manage – this increase in economic activity is creates local employment locally and is additive to national GDP.

Practical: Many programmes teach business theory and process and leave student struggling in later life to work out how to understand the relevance of what they have learnt. With Team Academy the practice and the theory are developed in partnership with the practical forming the basis for the academic understanding.

Interest in the Team Academy approach for community capacity building has also been expressed by community regeneration projects – Akatemia has been approached by a number of organisations for support from across the UK.

In January 2018 we began to support the newly formed Aldridge Institute based at the University of West of England to assist the creation of a research programme and the further development of professional training in the teaching and learning methods