Small and medium-sized enterprises are the fastest growing sections of our economy, but new graduates often lack the skills and confidence to flourish as entrepreneurs or innovative employees.

Now an innovative degree programme which puts running a real company at the heart of the learning experience is changing the face of business education in the UK.

Promoting resilience, self-reliance, innovation and ingenuity; putting students in charge of their own learning – that’s the aim of Akatemia CIC, a not-for-profit company formed to bring a radical approach to entrepreneurship from its heartland in Finland into the UK. It’s called Team Academy and it has a simple philosophy: Learning to work entails working to learn.

 Train as a Team Academy coach

The sixth UK team coach training programme had its final session in December 2018 but a further opportunity to train as a Team Academy coach will begin in the first half of 2019 and two ‘open’ places are available for prospective coaches, for those interested in applying the methodology in either an academic or work environment.  In the first instance please e-mail Alison Fletcher (see contacts page) for further details.

Film – Team Academy comes to the UK

Learning from their Finnish counterparts is taking UK academics to Jyväskylä to see for themselves the impressive results achieved by these methods (see film below). In 2013 student companies generated over 2.6 million euros in turnover, and within three years of graduation almost half of graduates are running their own businesses. Employment rates for new graduates are a healthy 91%.